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“The best part of my business is the collaboration with my clients.
I love being able to take their initial ideas, expand on them and
 create an exciting interior beyond their imagination!  As a
child I used to rearrange my bedroom and paint the walls
crazy colors, like purple and orange! I realized early on
I had gift for creating beauty. I founded Gia Venturi
Interiors over 16 years ago and that has allowed my
talent to flourish. I have an uncanny
memory for color and form.  It certainly comes in handy!
I understand the ‘feeling’ color can evoke in a space
and work to bring about the greatest beauty, peace
and joy for the owner.  When working with clients, I listen
‘between the lines’ to hear not only the look and feel
they desire, but also the function.  If it just looks good,
I’ve failed as a designer.  Ultimately people need to live
and work in their environment.  Although eliciting a
fulfilling emotional response from the space is very
important, it must work."